Niche DiversityEdit

A lot of people have different things they are comfortable with. Some people enjoy RPing with a bunch of similar characters, others enjoy extreme diversity. At Voices of the North we want every character to fit a special place in the story. We will let you know if your characters have similar personalities, styles, or powers to an already existing member. If both parties agree that there will not be a problem then we will make sure that both characters are given unique time so they can become a part of the story in their own right.

In order to facilitate this, we have a forum wherein people can quickly read the basic information about our current characters to get a sense of the community they are going to enter into in order to find a role for themselves. While certainly multiple characters can do the same thing we want everyone to feel as if they are playing an original, not just “The other-other Guardian” so in the event two characters are attempting to occupy the same space the Guild Officers will attempt to help separate the stories by offering some differing IC opportunities.

Community and RPEdit

We've all been the new person in a guild and thus we are dedicated to welcoming in our new players into our community. We pride ourselves in the fact that both IC and OOC we try to stay a part of a community with others. The idea that everyone knows each other may be scary, but we do the best we can to make you feel welcome. We'll bombard you with questions, give you an IC tour of our lands, and introduce you to our other members.

We do not RP in a vacuum; our stories affect each other even in ways that may not be apparent. If Joe-the-Norn has in his story that a woman is going around stabbing people in the night, people who interact with Joe are going to address Sally-the-young-Norn who says she’s going to walk alone at night differently -- most likely suggesting that she be very careful! Conversely if Sally-the-young-Norn is stabbed in the middle of the night in her bed, Joe-the-Norn has every right to RP as if the area they are in is unsafe.

These are typically fine things for solo stories but in RP with a community these actions sometimes require unspoken things of other people’s RP. In Sally’s instance when she got stabbed... her RP requires that no one have been guarding the area and if they were, they were ultimately ineffectual to keep her from getting hurt. This means that other people who were RPing guarding have to acknowledge that they failed in their jobs without even a chance for success. This also means people have every reason to RP that their area is unsafe; either the guards simply did nothing OR that people cannot realistically trust the guards to protect them. On top of that further RP can no longer use the “The guards were watching” because they’ve been rendered ineffectual by RP.

Here at Voices of the North we attempt to mitigate that by reminding our community just that. We’re a community. Certainly you can have Sally’s plot wherein she was stabbed by her nemesis to kickstart but if it happens while Sally is out hunting or was called off by her soon-to-be-proven-evil-friend then none of the other characters were forced to fail an action before they knew one happened.

Power ScaleEdit

While some guilds have a more flexible view of power, in Voices of the North we hold a more strict idea of what we want to see as a part of our community. We feel it is better to be upfront about what expectations we have for the range of power for our characters rather than have to ignore RP within our community because of differing power scales. To that point we consider ourselves a mid to low power level guild. This is to say the Guild Wars 2 Personal Story not something we would believe our characters to be able to do in full. The first arc (the race arc) and most of the second arc (the order arc prior to Claw Island) are a good rough scale for characters.

We expect members of the guild to be able to (most likely) hold their own in a fight one on one with another member of their own race. Being able to fight ten assailants who ambushed you is a noteworthy deed worthy of a story and a song rather than something anyone can be expected to do. By tightening our scale of power we feel this offers more opportunities to be heroic as there is a strong context to those truly big events. This allows our members to really shine in the spotlight when those happen.

Outlining your characters exact abilities is up to the players and keeping that within reason is something we entrust to the members of the guild. Certainly there is room to play around with your powers within the context of the game - a Elementalist can say they are channeling the spirit of the water because they are closely aligned to the force or say they are a highly studied ritualistic caster who manipulates the essence of the world.

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