In contrast to many other norn focused guilds, Voices of the North is not a homestead based guild. We do not have a host and we are not gathered together by family or relation. Instead we are a guild centered around the concept of the spirits; leadership consists of our Five Voices. Each of the Major norn spirits - Bear, Leopard, Raven and Wolf - has a voice which serves as leader to others who follow the same spirit. The fifth voice - the Voice of the Many - serves as the leader to those of all of the minor spirits. Newcomers to the guild will be pick (or be picked!) by the Wild Spirit they most represent. Those yet to be chosen by a spirit will be temporarily under the Voices of the Many.

How each Voice organizes their subset is dependent on their group. The Voice of the Wolf may choose to organize their positions within a “pack” understanding whereas the Voice of Raven may say all are equal within a flock. Groups come to individual decisions within themselves and the Voice serves as just that; a voice representing its people in Council votes.

Voices of the WildEdit

Here's some stuff for what they mean ICly and how each group is organized

Voice of the WolfEdit

They are like this and that

A Pack of WolvesEdit

This group is run like this

Voice of the RavenEdit

They are like this and that

An Unkindness of RavensEdit

This group is run like this

Voice of the Snow LeopardEdit

They are like this and that

A Leap of Snow LeopardsEdit

This group is run like this

Voice of the BearEdit

They are like this and that

A Sleuth of BearsEdit

This group is run like this

Non-Officer PositionsEdit

While these positions are officer based these are not the only duties within the guild. We pride ourselves on being a participatory group where everyone is empowered to be a part of our community. There are in-guild positions and responsibilities that characters can aspire towards should they choose.

The Speakers of Glory are the voices of the guild, calling out the good and embarrassing deeds of the characters to add to (or subtract from!) the legends of the people.

The Elder Brother/Sister of _____ are characters who serve to help introduce new characters ICly into the guild, welcoming them to their spirit group, seeing them find a place until their first moot, teaching basic lessons and so forth.

There is the honored role of the Hornblower who gets open a moot by blowing into a great ram’s horn -- a reward to someone who has accomplished a great deed and gets to open the moot with the tale of how they proved worthy of this esteem. As one might imagine the position of Hornblower is expected to change from moot to moot.


I like the idea of them cycling for who is running it, the bears, the wolves, the ravens, teh snow leopards so that no one person has to handle something every month to make it easier for real life. I also think there should be an expected time of the month like the 3rd thursday or something where they happen. But, I think who specifically is running the moot should be decided by each camp? So it can be a reward or it can be a punishment or it can be a thing earned and requested, etc.

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