In Character Code of ConductEdit

We’ve all been there in the past; one person says that something is a part of common culture whereas another person disagrees. In Voices of the North we have taken information from a variety of sources that the norn seemed to be based on where Anet’s lore left information. We draw from Viking culture, Native American culture and a few other sources to try and make a full representation of norn society. To make certain that we are all on the same page we have our groups basic norms we have listed some of the basic tenets here to give an outline -- more detailed information is found within our wikipedia. Certainly characters are welcome to have differing opinions than the ones here, that’s what makes things interesting, however it is worth noting that these ARE the basic norms of our society.

  • We are an organization that honors the spirits first and foremost as how we view, participate with, and understand norn society.
  • We are a norn guild with primary interests being the Shiverpeaks and norn concerns rather than the greater Pact concerns. Members of our guild are still, of course, welcome to be members of an Order ICly.
  • The Great Spirits and Lesser Spirits have behaviors which we should emulate and use as a guideline for our own behavior.
  • Settling matters through rightful challenge (riddles, dueling, wrestling, etc.) is an acceptable and adult means of handling and resolving interpersonal difficulties.
  • Refusing a fair challenge is potentially a cowardly act and an insulting act towards the norn who issued it.
  • The legend of the norn is an important thing and both glorious and inglorious actions can add to this legend.
  • While many norn honor many spirits and not just one, we do not necessarily expect the followers of one Spirit Animal to conform to the standards of another.
  • Adults take responsibility for their actions and their words including the challenges they may cause, the insults they may bring, and the fury they inspire.
  • Standing by your words is the act of an adult. Escaping responsibility is the action of a child.
  • If one cannot support their leader then their time within this place has passed and it is not a dishonor to leave.
  • Respect is something that is earned rather than given.

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