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Welcome to the Voices of the North WikiEdit

Voices of the North is a norn focused guild with a strong core focus towards the culture of the Shiverpeaks and the Norn connection to their spirits. We supplement the lore of norn Culture from several different sources from real life; creating a blend of Native American spirituality as well as Viking ritual in order to create a blend that is truly norn and we catalogue our growing guild canon with an active wikipedia.

What We areEdit

We are a growing community for like-minded, mature people interested in both an in-depth roleplay and cooperative storytelling experience as well as a community based roleplaying group. Community is an important word to us in Voices of the North -- we feel that an active, healthy roleplaying group can be seen through its community. Our players are encouraged to participate actively in the stories of others and recognize that our stories can have ramifications beyond what we intend on the RP of others around us. We strive to create an environment that recognizes its players; if a character rescues a child in a story then we believe NPCs in our storylines should recognize this deed and act accordingly. If a character murders someone in cold blood, likewise the world should react towards this deed. We hope to create and establish a living, breathing setting rather than a backdrop.

We are interested in quality roleplayers who understand the benefits and potential difficulties of roleplaying within a community where the spotlight is shared and stories affect each other. While we hope everyone has a great deal of fun within our community and wants to become truly participatory, we recognize that real life comes first and that our players and officers have real obligations outside of game. We are interested in players that will respect the game's lore as outlined and are willing to roleplay in a low-to-middle power environment. We enjoy participating in RP and PvE; our focus is not necessarily PvP or WvW. We are community minded, with the intent of helping members of all levels complete group quests, dungeons, storylines, crafting, and achievements.

What We ExpectEdit

  • To remain in-character via all public channels (/say, /shout, /emote)
  • To embrace all aspects of cooperative storytelling, while staying away from "godmode" or forced roleplaying actions on others without consent.
  • Characters must fall within the racial norm for their ages.
  • To help create roleplay for people both within and outside of the guild, not expect it to always be created for you.
  • To display manners and be courteous to others, keeping negativity and sniping out of the gaming environment and OOC channels.
  • To not overstep the line between IC and OOC. Try not to take roleplay personally.
  • To role play in such a way wherein other characters are not being told what to think, feel or be made privy to OOC information to "sway" or change opinion.
  • To bring all feedback and concerns to an officer or the guild leader.
  • To remember that you represent the guild in all that you do.
  • To help us strive to be the best possible roleplaying guild we can be.

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