OOC Officers

First and foremost the role of the OOC officers of the homestead is to facilitate the guild community through events, RP and if the need arises - mediation between members.  They will work together along with the head of the guild as a team to identify opportunities and work through any problems that the guild may face.  This means that any and all members should feel comfortable coming to them with an issue they have and trust it will be respectfully considered and brought forward to the rest of staff to address.  As the OOC officers are the pillars of our RP community, they are also expected to help “grow” the community with their actions -- encouraging new members into RP, creating moments for various people to have the opportunity to shine, and yes even managing conflicts between members to keep the matter private.  Being an officer within the guild is not a privilege.  It is not something all players should attempt or expect to become after being a part of the guild.  It is not something that is given unable to be revoked if an officer does not meet expectations.  There should be no doubt or question - being an officer is hard work.  Rewarding work, yes, but it is work and players who wish to be an officer in the guild she be aware of that fact.

Behavioral Expectations

  • Officers are expected to support the community.  This entails several things:

    • Serving as a non-biased third party in the event of player-player mediation.  If the officer is unable to be non-biased or has a stake in the event (heavy RP with one player, longstanding friendships, etc) they are expected to request the player find a different officer for mediation.

    • Ensuring a positive community between members and officers.  This means that the officer will not engage in any activities which would harm a positive community - that includes gossiping about other members and their activities, spreading information about mediation processes, threatening others to encourage behavior changes.  

    • Creating a safe-RP environment. Each character has individual reasons for their actions, beliefs and RP.  While there is RP which is detrimental to the community, IC disagreements of opinions, perspectives, and experiences are all a valid part of roleplaying.  Whether something is “reasonable” for another character to feel or believe is not something that helps the community grow. Officers are expected to encourage these differences in character, keep these arguments from spilling into OOC discussion, and celebrate the differences that make our RP interesting.

    • Officers are expected to ensure the community is a community; new players to the guild should be interviewed and welcomed and given some direction for their RP.  They should endeavor to meet with current members to speak about their enjoyment of the community and gain ideas for directions the guild should run.

  • Officers are expected to create roleplaying opportunities for the guild through both short and long term story opportunities on a monthly basis.

  • Officers are expected to maintain an appropriate and professional demeanor publicly in order to put a strong face of the guild forward to current, new, and prospective members as well as other visiting guilds.

    • This does not mean playing strictly non-confrontational characters, however, they are expected to open OOC communications to ensure that IC conflicts are strictly IC.  

    • This also means maintaining good relations with other guilds and offering an open line of contact if necessary to facilitate more RP throughout the North.

Powers and Limitations of Officers

  • Officers may request a player stop a behavior after they can the charter where the player is at fault.  If the player persists in the behavior the player will be placed in referral to discuss their future with guild.

  • Officers may not remove a person from the guild by themselves or by fiat; they must go through the full process which includes the other officers reviewing the problematic behavior.  Removing a person from the guild outside of this process is grounds for removal from the position as officer.

  • Officers may not simply declare members as an IC part of the guild nor dictate IC actions for other players.

  • Officers may not adjudicate situations involving characters in their “main” RP.  That is to say if “Sarah” is playing Lisa the Norn, Sarah may not adjudicate situations involving Lisa’s husband PC or Lisa’s best friend without the specific approval of the other party.

  • Officers may not inform members of the community about mediations that have not yet been resolved; this includes showing screen shots, gossipping, chatting on Skype, PM venting, etc.  They are expected to stop players from doing the same, again, citing the code of conduct in the charter.  Engaging in this activity is grounds for removal from the position as an officer.

  • Officers are expected to inform the rest of their officer team about any problems within the guild and work together as a team to resolve them.  The inability to work with the head of the guild and the other officers productively; hiding information, refusal to meet with the team, attempting to “close” other officers out of meetings, etc is considered grounds for removal from the position as an officer.

Officer Selection

  • Officers will be selected based on previous guild experience, their involvement within the community for building good will, and their ability to work with other officers.

  • Officers will be accepted on a trial basis for a period of three months.  During this period they are expected to run no fewer than three public events.  While the size of the event doesn’t matter, they have to be pre-planned events scheduled so that members could attend.  The members of the community and the players involved will be invited to speak privately to the officer team so that the officer team can make a well-informed judgement.

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