Recruitment IC and OOC


So, you want to join Voices of the Norn!

Joining Voices of the Norn is a multi-part process both IC and OOC to make certain that each potential member is finding the best fit for them as a player and them as a character.

OOC you apply and you meet with an officer(s) to talk about your character and who you’re playing.  This is basically to gain an idea of your character’s power level, what you’re looking for in a guild, etc.  

Officers made a quick forum post “this person is blah blah they do this and that” give us 3 days to a week.  

Then they were approached In Character and were given an intro. This was basically being shown around the area and introduced to some people IC to speak as a visitor that day before they decide to stay.  People in the guild then OOC discuss whether this is a player they felt like they could RP with and all of that.

After that they’re a temporary member for a time (until the next moot?).  They can call for someone to speak for their deeds at the next moot.  If 3 people stand up and speak for them for their deeds then they’re in.  

Alt Policy: It is preferred people to have no more than 2 characters in the guild (though you can RP with them as many as you like) however your lowest position character is the guild rank you’ll have. Officers notwithstanding.


  • Owner (OOC)
  • Voices -- Raven/Wolf/Snow Leopard/Bear
  • Honored -- Speaker/Big Brother/Horn/Moot
  • Adult -- Norn Position after 3 speakers
  • Child -- Position of shame for Norn/Position for non-Norn after 3 speakers
  • Known -- Just joined but no one has spoken for them (norn and human)

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